• dane the drummer of the ukuleles band

    New Drummer Alert! Welcome Dane The Drummer

    It is with great pleasure that we introduce Dane “The Drummer” Michaels to The Ukuleles band. Yes his nickname really is the drummer! A fun fact about Dane is that, among many other things, he known for using drumsticks for metal music. Despite not liking nor playing heavy metal music

    With all jokes aside, we are very happy to  welcome Dane to our band. Dane will provide drums for us for the bigger shows and he will switch to percussion for the smaller shows that we have lined up. You can expect some great grooving from this young lad.

    drumsticks for heavy metal music


    Who Is Dane The Drummer?

    Dane Michaels is a 28 year old drummer from Suffolk. However, Dane moved to London a few years back to firstly study at The Institute of Contemporary Performance and secondly pursue his passion for drumming and make it a full time career.

    Dane is a classically trained pianist. However, he has been playing drums since the age of 16 and has been in band ever since. The addition of Dane to The Ukuleles band was no coincidence. This is due to the fact that we as a band have known Dane the drummer from the London music. it was a natural progression and addition to add him to our lineup and we are so excited to enhance our live performance and sound.

    What Drum Gear Does Dane Use?

    We can split Dane’s gear into two separate sections depending on the type of gig we’ll be playing. Should the gig be a loud club or pub gig then Dane will bring out his full acoustic drumkit with cymbals and Roland SPD-SX sample pad. The type of drumkit that he’ll bring is a Gretsch bop kit which I think is called the Catalina. The bop kits are small and compact drum kits and just perfect for the needs of our band. You can see a picture of this drumkit below:

    drumkit for the ukuleles band

    When we play smaller, more stripped down shows. Then Dane will turn into the percussion man. Still utilising his trusty Roland sample pad. Except he usually adds a kick drum trigger to the sample pad for these types of gigs as the volume can be controlled and turned down (or up) to a suitable level. He’ll mix that with some bongos and some shakers for rhythms etc.

    New Album Recording

    This is probably also a great opportunity to announce that we’ve begun working on new demos for our latest upcoming album. And we are once again so glad that Dane will be able to join us on this recording journey as well as to add some of his drumming and percussive flavour to our new album.

    We have no release date in mind yet, however be sure to keep your eyes on our social media as well as on our website for more updates and information about our recordings as well as our latest gigs and live shows.

    Once again, Welcome Dane the drummer and look forward to a long and prosperous musical journey with him in The Ukuleles band.