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Hello to everyone out there! 🙂

Today we thought we’d share something with you that not many bands tend to do. And that is give you a bit of insight into the ukulele gear that we use.

In all honesty, the gear we use is very simple and can be found in most music stores around the country. However, we thought we’d share this information with you because we often get asked the question about the gear that we use. We also get a lot of questions asking us which brands or types of ukuleles we recommend for those wanting to pick up the instrument for the first time.

As a result of this, we decided to answer the question as well as hopefully guide you to making an informed decision when it comes time for you to buy your own ukulele.

kala ukulele

What Ukulele Does Logan Use?

Logan uses a very high-end Ukulele made by Kala. The model in particular is the Solid Acacia Tenor. It retails for over $500 so this model is not necessarily ideal for beginners however if you are looking for a ukulele to last you a lifetime then this would be a great investment and instrument as the sound it makes will only get better over time as the wood ages. These Ukuleles are a made in the United States if I’m not mistaken.

The tenor is the third biggest out of the four ukulele sizes which include in soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. The tenor size will generally produce a lower sound than a soprano. Logan will use his fingers to play the ukulele which is often said to be the most traditional way in which to play. However, there are times when he will use a ukulele pick. When it comes to using a ukulele plectrum, most players gravitate towards the felt picks. Felt picks are actually also used as bass guitar picks. The picture below is a fantastic example of the bass guitar picks that are also used as ukulele picks.

felt guitar picks

What Ukulele Does Martha Use?

stagg ukuleleMartha plays a really nice ukulele made by Stagg. Stagg is a well known brand that not only make ukuleles but also make other instruments too such as bass guitars, regular acoustic and electric guitars as well as amplifiers and other guitar accessories . Whilst this Stagg Ukulele is a great model, it is more suited for those on a budget. That is not to take away from the fact that it is infact a very good quality instrument and just because it is so called “budget friendly” does not mean that it should be synonymous with poor quality.

You can hear these two fantastic ukuleles in action in the video below 🙂

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